Large Motor Load Testing

1750 HP Vertical Motor - Electric Motor Load Testing at Bradleys Motors
Horizintal Electric Motor Load Testing at Bradleys Motors
Bradleys Motors' Load testing Observation Room
Why load test your motor or generator? Bradleys’ recommends load testing to ensure reliability, to validate repairs, to verify performance, to ensure system compatibility between motors and drives, and prior to storage of your critical spare motors.

Bradleys’ large motor load testing capabilities are well known in the industry. Precision torque measurements and power input measurements assess your electric motor’s performance. Bradleys’ state of the art, in-house load testing control room offers remote monitoring of live data collection and live video stream. Your load test is managed by Electrical and Mechanical engineers and experienced load testing staff experts.

Our dynamometer has a torque measurement device capable of measuring 38,000 lbf ft at 3600 rpm with a.1% accuracy on a motor load test.The dynamometer set up has several available combinations of speed and horsepower. We can perform a motor load test up to 7000 horsepower AC or 4500 AMP, 750V for DC motors. Data collection includes 12 temperatures, power, HP, efficiency, power factor, torque, speed, currents, and voltages.


  • Reliability
  • Repair Validation
  • Redesign Performance Verification
  • Motor & Drive Compatibility
  • Power Analysis "THD"

Monitor your load test or repair remotely via the web from the comfort of your office! To learn more, contact us here.

  • AC – 7000 HP
  • DC – 2500 and 4500 AMP 750 V
  • 480V – 13.2 KV
  • 65,000 lbf ft maximum. 38,000 lbf ft measured
  • Locked Rotor
  • Speed, Torque & Current Curve
  • 100 – 4200 RPM
  • Efficiency
  • Water-Cooled Motors
  • 10’ x 52’ Test Bed
  • IEEE 112 & 115 Standard Testing
  • VFD/Motor System Testing
  • Generators up to 7MW

“Excited to be at Bradleys, Inc.’s #motor shop this morning in Gregory, TX. An impressive facility with a world-class #LoadTesting setup!”
Mark Ivers, Consultant
Coordinated Commissioning


  • 13.8 KVA
  • 7MVA – MG Set
  • 35,000 HP Full Voltage